Caesars Palace - Las Vegas Hotel Review

Caesars Palace is know the world over as a first class resort and casino destination. So large is the property, it boasts twenty-six restaurants and eateries, four-and-a-half acres of pools and gardens called "Garden of the Gods", a forty-one hundred seat Colosseum featuring the greats like Cher, Elton John, and Better Midler, Cleopatra's Barge, the famous floating lounge, and more than one-hundred and twenty-nine square feet of casino space.

Modeled after depictions of ancient Greece and Rome, Caesars Palace is elegant, luxurious and modern. Both rooms and suites are available depending on budget, but even the basic Forum Tower Room is quite plush compared to other hotels. Newly renovated, the rooms have all the amenities of fancier accommodations including motorized drapes, internet access, laundry services, twenty-four hour room service, king size beds, and entertainment centers.

Each Penthouse suite is unique in design and layout but offers the utmost in extravagance. Almost anything can be ordered from pianos to fountains and even billiard tables. They can be as big as four bedrooms and all are secured-access only making the suite extremely private and discreet for the guests.

Water was a crucial element in the lives of ancient Romans. As a result, they built large public bath houses in order to benefit from the healing powers of water. Caesars Palace has recreated these baths with its Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis which includes:

  • The Temple Pool, decorated with fine marble and granite, is the centerpiece of the area with ten-thousand square feet of flowing water.
  • The Neptune Pool, designed in a rectangle, is perfect for lap swimming.
  • The Venus Pool, a quiet area best used for tanning, resting or rejuvenating from a hard night of partying, is for relaxing.

While other hotels have in-house salons and hair services, Caesars is home to "COLOR", a salon by Michael Boychuck, reputed colorist-to-the-stars. A truly unique concept in hair styling, the salon studies current trends and ensures that customers show off their colors with fresh skin, vibrant nails, and fashionable hair styles.

The Neil Leifer Gallery is also found at Caesars and although his artwork is for sale, entry to the gallery is free. Leifer is well-known in the sports world for his spectacular photographs capturing various sports highlights. His work has been used numerous times in Sports Illustrated, Time and People magazines. In fact, at least one-hundred and seventy photos graced the cover of Sports Illustrated alone.

For all the luxury and glitz of Caesars Palace, it is remarkably inexpensive to stay at this resort. Many advertisements suggest that one night can reserved for as low as ninety dollars, and packaged deals offering shows and dining can be quite reasonable.