Las Vegas' Most Famous Five Star Hotel and Casino Resorts

Achieving a five star hotel rating in Las Vegas is no easy feat and for those that do, the award is highly coveted. To explain, a hotel may be assessed or graded according to the AAA's (American Automobile Association) Diamond Award or the Mobil Travel Guide Star Award. Whichever rating system or association awards the designation, hotels see the labels as prestigious, and travelers generally prefer to stay at hotels that display these awards. Michelin's Five Red Pavilions designation is also displayed in hotels but the award itself is usually reserved for the restaurants within the resort.

Although Las Vegas luxury hotels are plentiful, there are few who can rightly claim the title for being both five star and famous. The MGM Grand is probably one of the most famous five star hotel and casino resorts due to the fact that almost everyone recognizes the MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) name and roaring lion. Any television watchers and certainly old-movie enthusiasts instantly recognize the MGM brand. A tribute to Hollywood's Golden Age, MGM Grand is reminiscent of a bygone era.

Another famous five star hotel and casino resort is Caesars Palace. As one of the oldest themed hotel and casino resorts in Las Vegas, Caesars was known for its entertainment. One of the earliest performances, in 1967, that really made Caesars an international name, was legend and icon Evel Knievel's one-hundred and fifty-one foot motorcycle jump (or rather crash, causing him a real death-defying experience) over the water fountains. Also, popular singer Andy Williams was the opening act for the debut of the hotel, and famed crooner Frank Sinatra was a fixture here making the venue all that more attractive to tourists.

Undisputedly, Bellagio, one of the most luxurious hotel and casino resorts in the world is famous and five star. A five diamond holder to be exact, the hotel entertains all Las Vegas tourists with its magnificent water and light shows. Consistent shows running during the day every half-hour and in the evening every fifteen minutes, the best part is they are free for everyone to enjoy.

A relative newcomer to Las Vegas and definitely not a casino property, Trump International Hotel is famous not as a first class destination, as it is too new to Vegas, but rather because many people are familiar with the Donald Trump name. Older people remember his first comeuppance and subsequent bankruptcy and younger people recognize him from his recent reality show. So while we can say the hotel is five star and Trump is famous, the property is not a casino resort. In fact, its promotional material states its location "is a mere stroll from the finest resort casinos in the city".